What is Your Passion?

When you hear the word passion, what is the first thought that enters your mind? Is it that intense love you feel for someone very special? Maybe you get fired up when you think about your favourite sports team winning the next game? While passion is a very intense feeling, that brings an unusual excitement and yearning from the heart, its meaning goes... Read More

What is the Big Deal About “Gender Theory” ?

  Catholic Teaching on Gender Theory The Catholic Church and the Grave Harm of so-called  ” Gender Theory “        A good place to start is by trying my best to explain what the so-called  “gender theory”  actually is. I should also warn parents right here and now, that it is vitally important that you school... Read More

What is a Christian Marriage?

The Wedding Feast at Cana The Savior Sanctifies Christian Marriage at Cana and performs His first Public Miracle by changing Water into Wine         I think it an appropriate time to look at what the Church teaches about the Sacrament of  Marriage.      The resources I will be using for this post will all be doctrinal in nature. Their... Read More

Catholic Teaching on Euthanasia

 Thou  Shalt  Not  Kill          Euthanasia  has been a hot topic recently in the Canadian News.   In a landmark judgment, Canada’s Supreme Court on Friday February 6 2015, struck down laws prohibiting doctor-assisted suicide for patients with “grievous and irremediable medical conditions,” ruling that doctors may now help such... Read More

Will You Pay It Forward?

During my years growing up in the Catholic Church, I always regarded the “faith” that I had come to understand (that is, all the beliefs, prayers, traditions and Catholic stuff we did) as something that was passed down to me from generations past. In other words, my parents learned from their parents, my grand-parents from theirs and so on and... Read More

What about the twelfth day of Christmas?


No doubt many of us are familiar with the popular Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” where special gifts are given each day from that “one true love”. While there is much information to read about the origin and true meaning of this song, it has nevertheless captured the imagination of many of us who have enjoyed singing... Read More

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