Join us each month as we gather for faith, fellowship and great Christian music on a Saturday evening. Usually held the third weekend of the month, this event has become extremely popular for both our Catholic community and our very own clergy! A real crowd pleaser!  Borrowed from the concept Theology on Tap…our informal evening begins with about an hour of contemporary Christian music featuring some wonderfully talented musicians in our diocese.  During this time, everyone enjoys fellowship, places their order for delicious tapas with Toi Restaurant, a local downtown restaurant, and for those who want answers to their burning theological questions –this is when they prepare to “Ask Father” something they hope he will clarify or explain to them.

The ‘Ask Father’ part of our evening is very interesting and can last up to an hour and a half…which seems to fly by. Questions are written on paper and presented “anonymously” to our guest priest. They range from simple questions about the Catholic faith to extremely theological ones depending on our crowd!  However, no matter what – we all learn something when the question period is over. While Father answers the plethora of questions everyone enjoys those ‘tapas’ they ordered. The evening is then rounded off with more great music and fellowship.  This event has become a fun and engaging way to share our Catholic faith and perhaps an innovative way to evangelize!

To register for the next Faith on Tapas, please follow this link.