Seven Deadly Sins

  What are the seven deadly sins and why are they called deadly? These sins are pride, gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, wrath, and envy and they are also referred to as “capital sins”. Let us deal with the sin of lust first. Lust is an intense longing especially for sexual pleasure. The Bible warns us [...]


Physical exercise will not only help our bones to get stronger but help with balance and coordination and keeping off extra pounds. Do we give up exercise when we get tired? No, rather we persevere, focusing on the end result. Fasting, on the other hand, is a spiritual exercise that enables us to grow and [...]


  It is another Lenten season. How are you going to observe it? Pray, fast, give? What are you fasting from or giving up this season? The forty days of Lent is like our journey through the desert of this life especially when we unite ourselves with Christ’s trial in the desert.                  And he fasted [...]


It is pertinent that we should think about God, live in His presence and seek a lasting relationship with Him while we are still young and have some strength in us.        Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come, and the years draw nigh, when you will say, [...]


LOVE THOSE WHO HATE YOU  The instruction to love our enemies came directly from Jesus. In John 13:34, God commands us to love one another as He has loved us. We must learn to love even when our offender refuses to apologise.   You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor [...]


Do you feel weak, afraid or incapable? Are you focusing on your problems, and scared of surrendering  your weakness to God? Do you want to experience the peace of God?     May the Lord give strength to his people!     May the Lord bless his people with peace!                                                             Psalm 29:11 We serve a sovereign God who has [...]


Peace is not the absence of trouble, conflict or challenging situations, but that quiet in your inner self with an understanding that everything including your life is in God’s hands.     And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.                                                                                              Philippians 4:7  Peace enables the Christian [...]


Be Yourself. Comparison distorts reality.      But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me.                                                                               1 Corinthians 15:10   Are you obsessed with your neighbour’s matters? [...]


  God has a plan for you before creating you (Psalm139:16). Do you know that God doesn’t make mistakes and doesn’t do anything accidentally? God conceived you in His mind before you were conceived by your parents. He chose everything about you deliberately; colour, race, skin and every other feature you have, and He also [...]


God’s people can appear as ordinary people on the streets. One of the greatest characteristics of the Christian is helping others. Jesus life and ministry was dedicated to serving and helping others and it should be part of our lives as His followers. Various verses in the scripture emphasize the need to help others.      Do [...]

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