World issues. Moral issues. Faith issues. In the maze of life, where do Catholics turn for answers? Are we prepared for what lies ahead- for ourselves, for our children and for future generations?

Catholic Chapter House & Branches Catholic Ministries will be hosting a special event on November 8, 2014 at the Canada Christian College in Toronto, Canada. The Future of Catholicism will feature compelling talks from Michael Voris and Tim Haines as well as a question and answer session. Tim Haines is the host and founder of Vericast Network; Michael Voris is the founder of St. Michael’s Media and the Producer of ChurchMilitantTV. Group Discounts are available. Clergy, Religious Orders, and Seminarians may register for Free. For more information, please contact Branches Catholic Ministries at (905) 685-7000 or email info@go2branches.com. Come and hear the unadulterated Truth.