Branches Catholic Books & Gifts, a division of the non-profit organization Branches Catholic Ministries, offers a great selection of Catholic literature from apologetics to reading for spiritual growth to age-appropriate titles and resources that will form children and youth in their beautiful Catholic faith. Profits realized from the sale of books and gifts are directed to the mission of BCM to “bring Catholic Faith to Modern Culture” through special events, conferences, and the facilitation of adult faith formation programs and youth ministry both on-site and in parishes.

One of the most important aspects of Branches is how it was designed. The goal was to create a warm and contemporary place for our diocesan community to share its faith, spirit and culture with people of all ages. It is becoming a destination where one can find all things Catholic in a refreshing new way. On entering the doors, one may be surprised at its atmosphere… “its like a Catholic Chapters/Starbucks.”  First of all, one will notice a vast array of books and gifts and a coffeehouse known as Grounds of Hope. The warm colours, cozy fireplace and wonderful Christian music playing in the background gives you the sense that this is an inviting place. Moreover, the staff and volunteers add a knowledgeable dimension to the store, as they are extremely helpful in finding the resources that one may be looking for.  There is comfortable seating for up to thirty people, which makes it a great place for small meetings, for the regularly scheduled faith formation programs, which are an integral component of the mission of Branches, or for just getting together to socialize with friends.

While one will find many gifts for Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, and Wedding celebrations, there are also birthday cards for your godchild or anniversary cards for your priest, rosaries, crucifixes and statues.  The giftware available will appeal to the taste of customers wanting either something traditional or more contemporary.  There is also a great selection of teacher resources and DVD’s to augment school curriculum . If one is looking for a great family movie you will be sure to find one here.  People who love to read about the Catholic faith and related issues will be delighted to peruse the bookshelves to find many different genres and titles.

So the next time you need that special gift for a First Communion or Wedding, a great book to learn about our Catholic faith, or simply a place to relax and enjoy a coffee with a friend…be sure to visit Branches. Your support is greatly needed. Branches is located at 43 Maywood Avenue, St. Catharines, ON. Please remember to “like/share” Branches on Facebook at Branches Catholic Books & Gifts.