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What truly makes Branches Catholic Books & Gifts unique is that it is home to the Grounds of Hope Coffeehouse. For those seeking an alternative place to enjoy a great cup of coffee, espresso beverage or tea or maybe a place to hold a small meeting, you will find the atmosphere at Grounds of Hope very inviting. The atmosphere is warm and contemporary with great background music, DVD book trailers, Catholic T.V. programming, free WiFi and a fireplace to cozy up to in those winter months!

Grounds of Hope, as a ministry under BCM, seeks to foster awareness and promote social and environmental justice by supporting the drilling of water wells in the poor region of Santa Maria, Jalapa, Guatemala through Wells of Hope International Development Inc. (registered charity no. 834281768RR0001) and the shipment of needed goods to developing nations through Niagara Warehouse of Hope (registered charity no. 887140689RR0001). Incidentally, both of these charitable organizations find their roots in the Niagara Region, and continue to be greatly supported by their local residents. GOH purchases 100% Arabica, high elevation, organically-grown, premium coffees from South and Central America.   Such coffees are grown and traded respecting the principles and strict guidelines of Fairtrade Canada.  GOH then returns the profits from coffee sales to Wells of Hope, and in doing so, the circle of help and hope is complete. That’s why we call it “Fairest Trade!”

For greater clarity, Wells of Hope is committed to helping the poor attain for themselves the life-giving necessities of clean water, education and basic health care; by drilling wells in the poor mountainous region of Santa Maria, Jalapa, Guatemala, building schools, and providing financial support to orphanages for food and clothing, their quality of life has greatly improved. Furthermore, Niagara Warehouse of Hope collects and ships much-needed items such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, medical supplies, computers, printers, educational materials, used eyeglasses, food, clothes and building material to the developing countries of Haiti, Nigeria and Guatemala as well as constructing an orphanage in Uganda.

With this in mind, we would like to present you with a unique and worthwhile fundraising opportunity- our Grounds of Hope Social Justice Fundraiser. In discussions with many students, parents, and consumers, there is an expressed desire and enthusiasm to raise monies for one’s affiliated organization, while simultaneously raising funds for charity.  Partnering with a “not-for-profit” rather than a “profit-oriented” enterprise is also appealing. It is our hope that through your fundraising campaign, we will be able to raise greater awareness for this new not-for-profit coffeehouse as well as for the two local charitable organizations that it supports. With the help of these organizations, PiCO the coffee bean will take the message of Catholic social justice and “fairest trade” coffee to schools, churches, businesses and other organizations in our communities.  This type of fundraising event serves as a great teachable moment particularly for schools. PiCO the coffee bean, the mascot for the Grounds of Hope coffeehouse, will embark upon a journey which takes him approximately 2106 miles from his home in the mountainous region of Santa Maria, Jalapa, Guatemala to your school.  He will share with your students the life of children in under-privileged countries, and will challenge them to strive for social justice. This concept of striving for social justice and fulfilling your fundraising needs is a unique idea that “sellers” and “buyers” will appreciate. Join us in our efforts!

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An image from our animated video for the Grounds of Hope Social Justice Fundraiser.