The Eleventh Article of the Apostles’ Creed


The Resurrection of the Body

 The Eleventh Article of the Apostles’ Creed  is The Resurrection of the Body. All of us must die because we have sinned in Adam. We as Christians should not fear death because we know that this is just place of testing, it is our exodus before reaching our Heavenly home with Christ, Our Mother, and His Angels and Saints, “Whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die” John 11:26. It is quite simple, when we die, our soul leaves the body.

This is our time of probation and testing in our loyalty to God. Did I take the time that was gifted to me to praise, reverence, and serve God, or did I waste it? I know that I wasted a good portion of my life serving myself and my disordered appetites. It is only because of the prayers of others like my grandmother and mother that somehow I came back to the Church that I had abandoned as a young teenager. Don’t wait 20 years like me! Time is short! God is sooooo merciful and gives us sooooo many chances to turn to Him ; please don’t wait until it is to late. God wants to Bless ALL of His children, but He is a Gentleman ; He won’t come in unless He is invited. Invite Him into your life, and into your families life. Everything we have is from Him, and Him alone, EVERYTHING.

The World is starving for TRUTH and something solid and real to grasp onto. I found answers to ALL of my questions here in the Catholic Church. The answers to life’s biggest and toughest questions are found in the writings and the “constant and very firm” teaching of Jesus Christ taught through His Church. You will find the Truth in the Holy Scriptures and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and also in the great writings of the Fathers of the Church, and from the writings of Saints like St Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross, St Alphonsus Liguori, St Louis Marie De Monfort, Venerable Fulton Sheen, Servant of God Father John Hardon S.J., Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, and so many more.

Back to The Resurrection of the Body.  Once again, we must always be prepared for death because God keeps the time of our death hidden from us. This helps us to have a healthy respect and fear to always try to serve God a little better and a little more. It also helps to give ourselves over many times in life to God’s will and Providence until He calls us to our eternal destiny.

Speaking of eternal destiny, after death we are immediately judged and God will reveal the results of our eternal destiny to us. This is the Particular Judgement  that we learned about a few posts back. The body will stay in the earth until the General Judgement.

The Glorified Body

 This is the part that I have been trying to get to in this post. Learning about the Church and all She teaches is an amazing journey of wonder and awe. This topic absolutely excites me more than any other. I am fascinated by the topic of The Glorified Body. The topic of Our Mother Mary and this topic are probably the two that I love to read about, pray, meditate, and study the most.

At the General Judgement our earthly bodies will be reunited with our spiritual souls and joined together once more. If we died in a state of grace then we will rise up like Jesus did on Easter Sunday; Glorious, Glorified, full of Brightness and Splendour, and we will be adorned with our merits for all to see!

This may bring us to wonder what kind of qualities does one with a Glorified Body have? I love this part!

Impassibility:  immunity from pain, suffering, sorrow, and death (no more aches or pains, and ALWAYS happy)

Subtility: freedom from all physical barriers to movement. Body and soul in PERFECT unison

Agility: the ability to move at the speed of light, totally at the command of the will ( for those who want to visit Saturn’s moons like me, well, we will be able to do this and ALOT more!)

Brightness, Clarity, or Splendour: extraordinary beauty, shining with the radiance of the sun Matt 13:43

Note: To remember the 4 qualities of a Glorified Body I use the acronym ISAB (Impassibility, Subtility, Agility, Brightness). It’s simple but little memory tricks like this really help with catechesis.

Now come on people, doesn’t this excite you? This is what we have to look forward to! This is what God has planned for us, He wants us ALL to be in friendship with Him so that He can share Himself and this awesome destiny with us. We have to be BIG PICTURE CATHOLICS! We must look at the end-game!

         In JM+JT,